About Mommy Needs a Vodka Break


Believe it or not, I didn’t wake up one day and decide I didn’t have enough kids. I didn’t get on the phone and say send me a few more.

Sometimes life just happens.

I can only imagine that, in a fit of envy for her clothes, her shoes, her humanitarian prowess, or her money, I said, “Jeez, I wanna be Angelina Jolie!”

Apparently, the Universe misunderstood…

We are a family of 6, that just became a family of 8!

I’m an avid photographer and pinup blogger, with a love for marketing and baseball.

J is my rock. A nerdy rock, but my rock none the less 😉 Life would be intolerable with out his help. I can’t say how much he keeps me sane.

D is my eldest nerd child, a lover of pokemon, you tube, and sarcasm. E is her younger sister, a tolkienite and fellow nerd. These two keep me laughing. Buying my teenage daughters cell phones may go down as my best idea in the past year, because nothing beats a D & E text during a long work day!

Punk and Cay are my little girls. Punk is 6 going on 16, bossy, prissy, and an overall wonderful handful, while Cay is my sweet calm cuddle bunny, and the last of my brood….I thought!

Enter my sweet nephew Trey, who is a 4 year tazmanian devil, and silly 2 yrs old princess Chell, who has adopted uncle J as her very own, and now our 6 equals 8!